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Interior Refiners Network
There's all the rest and then there's the best!

"Room refiners put furniture in its best light ."
-Chicago Tribune

"An "Interior Refiner" will help you make the best of what you have for... a fraction of the cost of a full interior design job." -USA TODAY

The Interior Refiners Network ® (IRN) is the preeminent organization of one-day redecorators whose mission is to provide affordable, professional, quality decorating help to the public. Interior Refiners involve, inform and inspire their clients by helping them make the best of what they have to create more comfortable, attractive and functional living spaces.

All members of the Interior Refiners Network ® have been trained and certified as Interior Refiners ® by its founder, Lauri Ward, in the Use What You Have Decorating System .

The principles, which have been devised and perfected over more than twenty-five years of successful Interior Refinement™ consultations in thousands of homes, are available through certified members of the Interior Refiners Network ® . Only members of the Interior Refiners Network ® may use the designation 'IRN,' and the IRN logo.

Interior Refinement™
This service provides an affordable way to redecorate your home within hours. An alternative to expensive conventional interior designers, members of the Interior Refiners Network® use the furniture and accessories that are already in your home to create a completely new look in hours. The charge is one low flat, per room, rate –and Refiners spend as much time as necessary to make your space look great! Plus, you receive a written design plan for each room in case you need to make any purchases. The plan will explain what to buy and where to buy things at the best price when you have more time and money. And to give you even more value, you will also learn a lot about decorating. The result? A casually elegant home you will be proud of; one that reflects your taste and style.

Shopping For Your Home
Need assistance with shopping for your home? Our personal shopping service is a great solution. Interior Refiners will shop with you or for you so that you can feel confident you are making the best choices. Learn what to buy and where to buy it while working within your budget. Shopping with an Interior Refiner can save you time, money and mistakes.

Specialty Services
In addition to our Interior Refinement™ consultations, IRN members offer these specialty refinements:

Resale-Ready ™
Are you in the process of selling your home? Are you a realtor with a home that isn't showing well? A Resale-Ready™ consultation will help you attract potential buyers and add thousands of dollars to the value of your house or condo. Both sellers and realtors benefit because Resale-Ready™ focuses on instant decorating changes that allow every home to show well, immediately, simply by using what is already there! It also helps avoid the heated discussions between realtors and sellers about who will pay for expensive staging rentals and props. The Resale-Ready™ fee is an affordable, low flat rate. For a successful Open House or to get the best price quickly, Resale-Ready™ Refinements are the solution for every home that needs an instant space-lift. A detailed written plan with quick, inexpensive suggestions geared towards a fast sale is also provided on the day of the refinement.

Color Refinement ™
Need expert advice on paint color options?
Our Color Refinement™ service focuses on helping you choose the best paint colors for your home. You will also learn which paint techniques can be used to enhance the rooms in your house or apartment. Whether you are repainting your present home or selecting paint colors for a new house or apartment, our Color Refinement™ will help you coordinate the best paint options that will enhance your existing color scheme or create a stylish new dwelling. Call or email your local Interior Refiners Network® member for more information and prices.

Art & Accessory Refinement ™
Looking for an instant mini-lift instead of a total makeover for one or more rooms of your home? An Art & Accessory Refinement™ can give your present space a fresh, new look instantly. By using your existing artwork and accessories an Interior Refiner can give your space a quick update, without the expense of hiring a conventional interior designer. From rearranging bookcases to hanging artwork this service can provide all of the finishing touches your home needs to look its best for the holidays or everyday.

Services and prices may vary among Interior Refiners Network® members throughout the country.

*These specialty services are available from members of the Interior Refiners Network® who are listed in the Interior Refiners Directory only on and

Any other Website, directory, group or individual not listed in this directory is neither affiliated with nor authorized by the Interior Refiners Network® to offer these services.


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