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My Philosophy of Design
Looking back, I know that the journey to my Refining studio, began when I realized what a lovely home my mother and father created. Beautiful thing gathered by my father in his travel to 33 countries showed a keen eye for quality and value. Mother’s work and passion for the various areas of design she excelled in continue to inspire and are reflected in my Design Philosophy. My memory is rich with the sumptuous fabrics and decorative pieces she chose that provided a loving feast for the senses and nurturing environment.  Minoring in Art History, in College followed by studies in Paris, added depth to the foundation.  As an Associate Dir of Development at Stanford University I was also charged with putting on intimate to very large events – I relished orchestrating atmospherics of hospitality and caring.  Event planning for the United Nations, Fox Television and many other organizations, further refined the concept of beautiful spaces to honor the best instincts of all involved to produce singular results. Have worked as Professional Realtor for one of Silicon Valley's premier Real Estate Agency, the former Wright and Company/Coldwell Banker. Staging properties for my clients led to successful and satisfying results. All these experienced strengthened the foundation and guided me on my journey to creating Refine, It, Today. 

"Fashions fade, but style is eternal"

These words of Yves Saint Laurent reflect my desire to help you place your signature on your environment and realize a meaningful goal – redefining and refining A Quality of Life Space.

The exhiliration and fun of the creative process. My joy is in sharing what I call the "Aha" moment when my client realizes that, Yes it is possible, Yes my home can reflect my aesthetic sense and needs and, Yes,  my vision of
a quality life space can go beyond my wildest dreams.

Through the collaborative approach we can achieve a richness of ideas
and harmonious solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. My commitment is to create spaces that inspire the human spirit, promote health and wellness, and respect human dignity.

Synchronicity is an under used word. The meeting of kindred spirits who share in a sense, a desire for balance, style, centeredness. Many seek this at the spa, gym, a favorite store, a designer bag, in the mountains, at the beach, local or exotic spaces. Yet, the one place where we spend the most time, our home is usually the last place we look at to provide these essentials for a true quality of Life experience and oneness with our environment. Let us explore this together. 

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